Thursday, July 7, 2011


Les bénédictions de matin à tous. J'ai été absent encore pour une période de mois mais tous sont bien. Mes enfants sont sains, heureux et vivant pacifiquement. Je suis en Virginie près de ma première famille. Dit me sont comment des choses avec vous ?


Morning blessings to everyone. I have been absent again for a period of months but all is well. My children are healthy, happy and living peaceably. I am in Virginia close to my first family. Tell me how are things with you?


Las bendiciones de la mañana a todos. He estado ausente otra vez por un período de meses pero todo está bien. Mis niños son sanos, felices y viviendo pacíficamente. Estoy en Virginia cercano a mi primera familia. ¿Me dice cómo soy cosas con usted?

My Lover's Speech

the words will overflow from my heart
through my soft lips
to the ears of my lover
something spoken, spoken like spokenword
romantic, encouraging and sensual
reaching down to the depths of him
and taking hold
a communication that he's only imagined
in the diamond mine of his
erotic, sexual, honest thinking
I declare a declaration
how I've practice this interaction
with my reflection in the mirror
smiling, waving my hands
added body gestures
authenticity will be in that
my lover's speech
will be what he heard in the
confines of his heart's closet
at the house
the expressions will sound like
the ones he wrote,
his very own vernacular
that came from the depths of his throat
the crevaces of his cranium
I'll be his Eve, his Queen, his helpmate
he'll be my Adam, my King, my soulmate
my planetarium
love over love with love in love by love connected love
my lover's speech will speak to me like it spoke to him
when he heard it the first time in his reflection
in the mirror
reverberation off the walls at his house.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Day Dreaming

When I think of him
I get excited all over again
and to think he's just
a succession of images,
random thoughts,
a figment of my imagination
designed by my emotions
passing through my mind
in the middle of the day
deep in the night
in the midstream of my dreams
while I sleep
while I gaze out the window
my face in my hands
my eyes following clouds
him and I floating to a
distant land
when I read that book of
secret thoughts
my diary and some
amazing words are only
found written on my heart
When I think of him
he's so far out of reach
but I keep practicing
my lover's speech
because one day he's
gonna show up
and I want to be
ready to be just who
he's been thinking of.

Wake Up

My eyes are now open and my heart is racing
mouth is dry
body's aching
it's not as bad as it seems
the day has only just begun
as I've awakened from my dreams
money, stairs, women and abusive men
saving children
prancing horses
so many meanings
waiting for the revelation
knowing it will come because
night visions are communes
with the one who has all the answers
so I'm going places
higher and more prestiges than
the ones before
God will protect and hide me in the cleft
of his love
in turn I will guide the souls
I'm commissioned to serve
I will be a hero of supernatural means
words unspoken yet actions seen
strength, grace and power will come
from the waters edge, ocean size
resources in small packages
ponies with stallion momentum
coin purses with billion dollar
paint guns with ammunition enough
to kill apathy, complacency and boredom
a voice that compels movement.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Around the World

I have been absent for a season,
a reason that
seems timeless
following where God leads me
enjoying the winds that carry the spirit
that lives within
I'm free in more ways than one
spinning vicariously, effortlessly
on the hem of the Son.