Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wake Up

My eyes are now open and my heart is racing
mouth is dry
body's aching
it's not as bad as it seems
the day has only just begun
as I've awakened from my dreams
money, stairs, women and abusive men
saving children
prancing horses
so many meanings
waiting for the revelation
knowing it will come because
night visions are communes
with the one who has all the answers
so I'm going places
higher and more prestiges than
the ones before
God will protect and hide me in the cleft
of his love
in turn I will guide the souls
I'm commissioned to serve
I will be a hero of supernatural means
words unspoken yet actions seen
strength, grace and power will come
from the waters edge, ocean size
resources in small packages
ponies with stallion momentum
coin purses with billion dollar
paint guns with ammunition enough
to kill apathy, complacency and boredom
a voice that compels movement.

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