Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Lover's Speech

the words will overflow from my heart
through my soft lips
to the ears of my lover
something spoken, spoken like spokenword
romantic, encouraging and sensual
reaching down to the depths of him
and taking hold
a communication that he's only imagined
in the diamond mine of his
erotic, sexual, honest thinking
I declare a declaration
how I've practice this interaction
with my reflection in the mirror
smiling, waving my hands
added body gestures
authenticity will be in that
my lover's speech
will be what he heard in the
confines of his heart's closet
at the house
the expressions will sound like
the ones he wrote,
his very own vernacular
that came from the depths of his throat
the crevaces of his cranium
I'll be his Eve, his Queen, his helpmate
he'll be my Adam, my King, my soulmate
my planetarium
love over love with love in love by love connected love
my lover's speech will speak to me like it spoke to him
when he heard it the first time in his reflection
in the mirror
reverberation off the walls at his house.

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